(staffed nursery care - children's church)



Sunday Service ... 10:30AM

Wednesday Bible Study .... 6:00PM

Pioneer Clubs for Kids ... 6:00PM

Wednesday Ignite Youth Group ... 7:00PM

Bob Kidd

Senior Elder

Bob and his wife Lynne serve in various aspects of PLAINCHURCH. They are always ready to be used as the Lord leads.

Plain Distinctive

What Do We Teach?

PLAINCHURCH is unwavering in our commitment to the Gospel message of salvation by grace. We use both the Old Testament and the New Testament as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. Every age group - every ministry  is built on a Biblical foundation.We believe GOD has plan for everyone ... anything but ORDINARY!

Service Schedule

What should i expect?

PLAINCHURCH is made up of a variety people from various life experiences and backgrounds. They are ordinary people who discovered an extraordinary truth: God loves YOU - He offers YOU direction, purpose, and meaning for life.


Our Pastor

Lisa McCoy


Lisa and her husband Joel are involved members of PLAINCHURCH. Lisa keeps the office and daily operations running smoothly.

Some people wear traditional Sunday dress like a suit and tie or the ladies in a skirt or dress. Others come dressed more casual. We're just glad to have you with us whatever you wear.

Pastor Marty preaches and teaches the Word of God with conviction and clarity using humor and real life application. He and his wife Shari are excited to be serving the Lord at Plain. The Braemer family have served in ministries in New York and Florida.They enjoy family vacations at beaches and amusement parks, Friday night pizza, movies, and going to MLB games. Two of their adult children serve on staff in ministries in Florida, one is in the US Navy, and their youngest daughter is a freshman in a Christian college.

Pastor Marty Braemer

Dave McCoy

Worship Leader
Dave and his wife Linda are active in the Plain ministry. He mixes praise music with traditional hymns for a blended worship experience.