2018 is the year of Each ONE Reach ONE. We, the faith family of PLAINCHURCH, do NOT want to simply exist and just have a weekly service.    

We want to make an Impact for Christ on our area

like NEVER before!

Would YOU like to be part of making history for GOD?

Would YOU like to serve in place where your service

makes an eternal difference?  We're seeing

people both young and old make professions

of faith in Christ. Prayerfully consider joining

the PLAINTEAM and put your talents to work.
Pastor Marty

  • One More River to Cross3:59

 Join with us for a season of revival. All of us need a fresh touch from the Lord in our lives. A time of reflection - repentance - recommitment.


Phil Schipper is a gifted church evangelist with a heart for God's Word to be alive and active in believer's hearts and lives. His passion is to see God's people living out God's plan.


Abby Paskvan is a local Christian singer who has been featured on the national stage including singing the National Anthem at the 2016 RNC the night Mike Pence received the GOP Vice Presidential nomination.

Why don't people like to go to church? Is it boring? Irrelevant to life? Hypocritical? Another failed institution not to be trusted?


Pastor Marty Perspectives

PLAINCHURCH of Bowling Green, OH

Sunday, July 22 - Tuesday, July 24th

Summer Revival 2018

This is an exciting time in the history of the PLAINCHURCH. It is a church with a long, rich legacy and heritage BUT the new stuff happening is beyond amazing....