As a pastor I look at my ministry and ask, "Am I serving up to my full potential?" I'm a big believer in keeping busy. BUT I

can get busy with things that do not actually help me achieve

my purpose. It becomes activity without accomplishment.

As a church are we fulfilling His will or our agenda?

Many churches are busy but that does not mean

they are furthering the cause of Christ or advancing

His kingdom.

Coming in MARCH...

Evangelist Phil Schipper will be with us Sunday, March 29th through Wednesday, April 1st. We're asking God for BREAKTHROUGH experiences for our church and YOU!
    24 Hour Prayer- Saturday, March 28th
    Men's Prayer - Saturday, March 28th - 9:00am
    Pack-A-Pew - Sunday, March 29th - 10:30am


Pastor Marty Braemer

during his radio show


Women's Bible Study - Morning & Evening Sessions
$15.00 per person


Plain Church is the oldest church

in Wood County Ohio. Watch the

documentary of our history.....

20/20 vision means you have perfect eyesight. What could we see

happen in our lives and in this church IF during the year 2020 we got our Priorities and our Purpose into Focus?

Let's find out!
Together, we need to RESOLVE that this year we will achieve His

plan for this church and in our lives. What an adventure it will be...

Pastor Marty

Monthly Senior Adult Program

Rod Propes will be in concert the opening night of the revival on Sunday, March 29th at 6:00pm

Pastor Marty in his studio

Wednesday Night Series