Monthly Senior Adult Program

PLAINCHURCH in Action...

October 2021


Our theme for 2021 is simple BUT essential...

STAND! Ephesians 6:18
No matter what happens in the chaotic world around us ... We as a Church of Believers In Christ must stand and represent Him and be an example of Faith, Peace, and a Safe Haven.
STAND in His Presence - Worship
STAND Under His Authority - Word of God
STAND in Conviction - Evangelism
STAND in Purpose - Ministry

Pastor Marty Braemer

2020  Review PLAINCHURCH


The Gospel of JOHN is one of the easiest books of the Bible for people to read and grasp. BUT do not make the mistake of thinking that it is shallow. Matthew, Mark and Luke focused on what Jesus did. John tells us who Jesus is.

We will not be swayed by our Divine Mandate of Essential Service - Hebrews 10:25

Our doors are open...

   Our mandate is clear....

      Our resolve in Him is declared...

Our faith and our focus is on the GOD who cannot fail, will not falter, and won't forsake His own. Together we will STAND and GROW and BUILD in 2021!

Pastor Marty - Senior Pastor

Wednesday Night Series