Pastor Marty Braemer

Monthly Senior Adult Program

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What are Jesus' names in Scripture?
What do those names mean?
What does it mean when I invoke His name?

Plain Church is the oldest church

in Wood County Ohio. Watch the

documentary of our history.....

All of us are directly and indirectly effected by the

Coronavirus and the mandates in dealing with it.
Aside from the health issues at stake, what about our

psychological, emotional, and spiritual well being?
The stress, loss of the familiar, changes in our daily

routines and the effects on those around us can be

challenging. The good news... not only does Jesus

Christ have the answer - He IS the Answer!
                            The Lord not only came to save us

                            from our sins but also to show us the

                              way. In other words, when He said





Names have significant meaning in the Bible. They can invoke a blessing on your life or bring a generational curse into your family. As Christians we bear Jesus' names.

                                     in John 10:10 "I have come that ye have  might life, and have it

                                     more abundantly" it was not an empty promise nor a vague riddle.

                                     He set the pattern. He shows us HOW to have an abundant,

                                     fulfilling life. From our everyday routines to those times of testing

                                     when He takes us out of our comfort zones, beyond an open door,

and into a new and fresh anointing. Everything God created has a rhythm to it. The secret to maintaining peace, stability, and accomplishing your purpose is to stay in rhythm. We will look at events in the life of Christ and see how He kept His rhythm in spite of the circumstances, trials, and temptations He faced.
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I look forward to seeing YOU! 

Pastor Marty Braemer

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