Plain Church is the oldest church

in Wood County Ohio. Watch the

documentary of our history.....

Well, this year has not gone like anyone thought it was going to go.  It was going to be a year of renewed vision, focus, and purpose. January & February everything was seemingly on schedule but then March brought panic and pandemic from a new enemy called

coronavirus. Schools closed, businesses shuttered, and stay home

was the order of the day which became weeks into a month and

beyond... A new normal began to emerge with new practices like

social distancing, and we categorized our lives around "essential"

                         work, activity, and travel. Churches were closing

                          and parents were teaching school at home. In the

                             short term there was loss of income, loss of

                                 mobility, and loss of personal connection. BUT

                                      there can be long term Gain, Growth,

                                          Influence & Impact. HOW?
                                         Homeschools can teach traditional


Wednesday Night Series

Monthly Senior Adult Program



                                      faith & values to the next generation. Churches with an online

                                     presence are no longer just local - they're global. Families are

less distracted by activities and not being pulled in multiple directions which means now

there is focused and purposeful time together which strengthens families. People are

now seeking - asking - and desiring to know God and what this message of salvation is

all about. It's an incredible to opportunity to demonstrate how our faith gives us peace of

mind when then world is in panic and chaos. We truly can SHOW OUR FAITH right now!
Pastor Marty

Pastor Marty Braemer