Pastor Marty's year long Sunday series

Why do some Christians seemingly get prayers answered and others do not?

Why do some churches grow while others are stuck and stagnant?

The only thing that limits GOD is our own lack of faith.

The world says, "seeing is believing" BUT GOD says "BELIEVEand then you will see!"

Pastor Marty Perspectives

  Summer             Revival 2018


Our Theme for the Church and Personal Faith Practice for the year is . . .




We are to EXPECT GOD to Respond as we BELIEVE HIS WORD and lay claim to RECEIVE what HE has declared is ours to have and do and be!

Pastor Marty


On July 22nd thru 24th we held special services for renewal and refreshing with Evangelist Phil Schipper. There were 7 new professions of faith in Christ as well as many other decisions among those who attended. The first night kicked off with a concert by Abby Paskvan. Here is a sample....

November 2018 I weighed 308 lbs and my waist size was 49".  By April of 2019 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

After one week I stopped the medication I was on and went with a dietary treatment. As of July 25th 2019 I weigh 246lbs with a 38" waist. My A1C is 6.2 and my daily avg blood sugar levels range in the 90s. Here's my story....