student ministries of PLAINCHURCH

Just a casual observation of our society today, and you can see that the youth of our nation are being targeted by a culture that stands in direct contrast to the traditional faith and values found in the Word of God.

Young people are being indoctrinated into a secular, world view about gender identity, sexual orientation, substance abuse, and the meaning of life itself.

Parents, PLAINCHURCH is here to help you provide a counter balance to what your young person is being plunged into.
We show young people how to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ through salvation and learning what the Bible has to say to them. They will discover that they did not evolve, but rather, God has a plan and purpose for them to fulfill.

We provide a place where they can ask questions and get real answers that will build them.

RISE student ministries provides a weekly time of worship, Bible teaching and fun. There are monthly activities, road trips, summer camp, concerts, and outreach opportunities for them to use their talents and abilities to serve others and the Lord.

Parents, let's start a conversation about how our ministry can help you and your family.

Rob Challinor

Student Pastor

Come hang out with us on TUESDAY nights. Make new friends, have some fun, and learn what GOD wants to share with you about life. Grades 6-12